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Runtastic Push-Ups Workout PRO's review


Runtastic Push-up is an app for tracking, managing and sharing your daily push-up workout

  • UI
  • Accuracy (both proximity sensor and screentouch)
  • Stats
  • Two modes: try record or workout
  • 24-days workout plan
  • It could be a part of a comprehensive "Workout" app

"Get a funtastic state of fitness"

Runtastic dev team, after reaching great success with runtastic running app, widen its limits in order to cover all the workout needs of mobile devices users. Runtastic Push-Up focused on one of the most important exercises to keep a great state of fitness. If you're looking for app that helps you track your progress and motivate yourself, keep reading.

First question, how can it track my push-ups? Well, there are two systems: by touch with your nose the display when you go down or just by approaching it enough (proximity sensor). This way your mobile device will track how many push-ups you've done in each series. Runtastic will generate weekly, monthly and yearly stats as well as personal records (that you can share through your social media to challenge your friends or show off your progresses). What's more, runtastic calculates calories burnt.

Until here the app is already great, however, it's actually even better. You can "Try record" which is a free push-up mode or "Start your workout". The latter drives you through a set of series with each corresponding 60-30 seconds breaks (countdown is displayed). Before starting your workout, a video will be displayed to show you how to make push-up correctly (a monitor will explain it step-by-step). You can even download voice package for assistance in your language.

Runtastic Push-ups PRO is ad-free and includes a complete training program (24days) and allows user to start workout from a different points, depending on their state of fitness. Great app.

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